How do i complain about because i ordered a card to be here at a certain date and it hasn't come but on the website there's no option to complain or contact them? Anyone?


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With most sites, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page you can find things like contact information, privacy policy, terms and conditions ect.  For this site,under customer services you will find an FAQ, contact us, and delivery information links. It's usually helpful to check the FAQ's and delivery/shipping information pages before contacting. Did you have it overnighted or something and account for things like 'business days' and it didn't arrive? Searches of 'moonpig' on rip off report and complaints board as well as a general search on complaints to see if there were any common ones didn't turn them up.
From their FAQ;
All our cards are dispatched from our state of the art production facility in New Jersey. These cards are then delivered straight into the United States Postal Service system on the evening of dispatch. Once the cards have been dispatched, we are unable to control the delivery process; however we will do whatever we can to rectify any problems caused by delayed delivery.

Please remember that first class items are not guaranteed next day delivery and depending on the size and amount of cards you order, may take several days to arrive, particularly during peak periods.

Please make sure you allow enough time for your cards to arrive - have a look at our delivery and postage information to find out more. It's always better for a card to be 1 day early than 1 day late. It's also a good idea to check the order status in order history.

If you card has still not arrived after the delivery times listed have passed please contact us and we will organize for the card to be reprinted.

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