How Do You Unlock An Orange SPV C600 Through The Internet?


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A GSM phone is always manufactured unlocked which allows you to use the SIM of your choice of any of the available service providers of cell phones. Cell phones which are supplied through the service provider other than the GSM phones use a technology wherein you cannot remove the SIM card of your phone, which leaves with no option but to pay the roaming charges when you are out of the local network.

The Orange SPV C600 can be unlocked by contacting the cell phone service provider through the helpline service or by visiting the center of the service provider. The other way to unlock the phone is to use the remote unlocking method which is available on the internet. In order to unlock this way, you must have an unlocking software (provided by the website) and the USB cable (provided with the phone when you bought it).  This procedure requires you to pay some amount of fee.

The instructions and other information on how to unlock your Orange SPV C600 is provided in the following link:
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These are the some of the steps in the network monitoring software version Orange SPV C600

1. Turn on your phone with a Subscriber Identity Module not from the first network, IE It's perhaps not locked to

2. The message 'PUK2' will appear

3. Input the Unlock Code supplied

4. The telephone should ask for a New PIN Code, Input: 0 0 0 0

5. Confirm and type: 0 0 0 0 * * (0 0 0 0 Star Star)

6. Click 'Complete' and the telephone will demonstrate 'Community is locked ...'

7. Enter the Unlock Code provided and click 'End'

8. Restart the Orange SPV C600 and it will now be unlocked.

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