How do you get a guy to talk to you on facebook?


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Erica answered
First, like one of his status's,  than one of his pics or somethingg, post funny status's so he will like em bbackk, ask him the most RANDOM question of chat, like something that wouldnt seem weird but an exceptiable question ittll workkk!
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mya answered
HEY IF yoU KNW HIM your GOOD IF you don't ITZ going to BE A MINUTE FOR HIM TO LIKE you OR you JUST TELL HIM your A HOE BUT don't EVA DO THT I DID IT ND DDNT HELP. SO  if you don't know him tell you like the way he looks and ask his interest and tell him stuff he will want to hear. Now after you have known him for a minute get in to more things like are you single wht do you thnk of girls and do you want a girlfriend you might want to get his # for that but you wnna ask him a lil personal but not to personal though so then get to talkin ask him if he wnts you and you mght jus have him but 4 that you must be paticient and slolw wit it all

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