I have a desktop computer. It boots up O>K but programmes will not open or respond properly until it has been switched on for at least one hour. ANY ADVISE?


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Jon Asaviour answered
Check the RAM still problem exists,replace IDE cable or SATA cable , still there is same problem then defrag hard drive (before that create backup of essential files), uninstall unnecessary programs and antivirus , still in trouble reinstall OS with xpsp3 or better version , still there prob exist then replace hard disk and try to buy hard disk with 7200 rpm or higher , 10000 rpm is the better one and don't forget to update the RAM too, if it is necessary
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You may want to try reset to a previous time when it worked. If not, do a back up and factory reset. If it is still doing it it, it is a virus.
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Onyx Ryans answered
Run a virus scan, clear out your cookies, empty your recycle/trash bin/file, and if none of that works try maybe calling someone over from your local BestBuy or any other electronics store to take a look at it.
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matthew barlow answered
Yes check if you have any viruses if you do try and remove them or you should avg tune up it fixes all of the things that are not working properly for example broken shortcuts,corrupted data and things that you never use ect.

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