How Can Viruses Be Avoided?


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Install an anti-virus device.
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1, adjust the attitude: No matter no attention to the attitude of laissez-faire attitude is definitely impossible, so that results are often of a virus still do not know how it was. And treat the virus as "plague," and not use any external software can not download anything from the Internet, and even e-mail is refused, this is a Yinyefeisi ostrich mentality, but also undesirable. Therefore, we must readjust their mentality, understanding the virus, and actively take preventive measures. 2, an appropriate place to study anti-virus knowledge: Why do some users in frequent outbreaks of viruses that are all in the move? The reason, in addition to awareness of prevention is weak, the knowledge of the virus is not enough, because these reasons, a direct result of their wit's end after infection, as well as to save the information timely, so necessary and have some basic knowledge and control techniques, or viruses very necessary. 3, anti-killing combination to prevent the main: The virus completely out of their own outside the system, adhere to prevention, of course, this requires a certain knowledge of HIV prevention. 4, select a high quality genuine anti-virus software: Antivirus software, the choice can be said to have loved the cabbage, radish, but with real-time anti-virus functionality, which allows online upgrades, antivirus software is a necessary function. Genuine anti-virus software can also ensure that you update the virus database accurate and timely manner. 5, the proper use of antivirus software: Antivirus software installed, do not think you can sit back and relax, for example to open real-time protection features, the whole system put under surveillance at any time, and carefully-virus vendors on the new pandemic virus notification, timely upgrade. 6, a good job of the software off: Do you like to download the software to friends, the best to the well-known sites, large sites, the site offers a number of small software download requires caution. Install the software on CD-ROM, the need to use antivirus software, virus detection, it is best not to use the virus. 7, do not use floppy disks and CD-ROM to start: Under normal circumstances, the computer should give priority to boot from the hard disk, try not to boot from a floppy disk and CD-ROM, because this is the hard disk boot sector virus causing the main reason, but also develop after use floppy disks and CD-ROM removed from the drive a good habit. 8, do a good job of network virus prevention work: Most of the virus to spread through the network to deal with his first time to the operating system and mail client patched to prevent the spread of viruses that exploit the flaws, another for the unsolicited e-mail attachments will not打开. 9, make a backup of work: Usually we need to put some documents, data, regular backups, you can back up to other districts, there are two hard drive users can backup to another hard disk, you can also backup to a floppy disk, or burn them to CD-ROM data . 10, lay a solid security patches: Many HIV epidemic, most of them take advantage of the loopholes in Microsoft's operating system or back door, so lay the security patches is too important! Because even if you have a virus, there is no guarantee that he is not coming next time. Only hit a security patch, leak turnover, blocked the back door so that he have no other could be found in order to shut out the virus a long time. 11, guard against e-mail attachments: An effective way to prevent virus infection is not easily open an attachment, even if the source of the e-mail appears to be very "reliable", and do not take it lightly. Some viruses from infected computers to extract e-mail list, and would send out the virus as an attachment 11, if you are unfortunate enough to open his own poisoning, while others will be infected, and endless disasters. So, right before you open the attached file for virus scanning. In addition, even if the scan confirmed that non-toxic and found to be not as long as you want to get files or pictures, immediately remove him! 12, concerned about online security: A new virus type and quantity as much as always utterly unexpected. May wish to pay regular visits to online security sites, such as Norton, Kingsoft, Rising and so on, these sites offer the latest safety information, useful for anti-virus, it is recommended to add these sites to a personal favorites! 13, install anti-virus software: If your computer up to now have not installed an anti-virus software, then it is also Taibuyinggai a! Especially for the rookie, the more necessary! 14, regular scanning systems: Initial use of anti-virus software, scan the entire system is necessary. Anti-virus software can be customized to regularly scan your system in the background. To cultivate the habit of regularly scanning, and you will benefit from the endless!

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