I need the remote control code for a Sony RMT-D197A remote to operate a "BrokSonic" CTGV-456CT3T television?


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Although it is possible to use a different brand of remote control with another type of television, there does not seem to be any information available online to use a Sony RMT-D197A remote control with a Brok Sonic CTGV-456CT3T television.

• If you have lost the remote control for your television it is best to make sure the remote control will be compatible with it before spending your money.

• Some remote controls need a code to be entered so you can then make it compatible with another television. Contact a member of staff who works for Sony Customer Service to get a code.

• Alternatively, use a remote control that can be used on any television so you do not have to go through the trouble of connecting a remote up to another television.

• Check the instruction manual that came along with the remote control as there may be some details of a code to enter. Most remote controls require you to hold down the television button or icon on the remote along with the number 1. This may then prompt you for a new code to connect the television and remote. There you may be able to enter a code of your choice. If this does not work, get in touch with the Sony customer service team.

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