Is there anyway to keep a eye on my daughter boost mobile text online?


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Arianna Vaccaro answered
Why do you need to keep an eye on your daughter's mobile phone text messages? That is an invasion of her privacy and shows you do not trust her. If you are worried about who she may be texting or are worried about her even having a mobile phone, maybe you should just take the phone off her as constantly checking up on her may only lead to arguments.

• If you are still intent on checking up on your daughter's mobile phone messages, there is no way to check these details online.

• Your daughter will still have a Boost mobile account online where you will be able to view lists of incoming and outgoing phone calls. Simply log on to the account on the mobile phone provider's homepage and then click on the 'My account' tab.

• Although the lists of incoming and outgoing calls will not show text messages, they will probably give an indication of who your daughter is likely to be texting too.

• If you are really worried about who your daughter may be texting, you could always explain your concerns to her and ask to see her mobile phone. Although she may not like it, this is probably the only way you will be able to see her text messages.

• There is also the option of grabbing your daughter's phone when she is in the shower or using the bathroom to check the text messages.

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