What Is The Lock Code In The Messages Area For Samsung Suede In Cricket?


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The Samsung Suede is a model of mobile phone, produced by the electronics and communications manufacturer, Samsung.

  • Unlocking a mobile phone
Most mobile phones, especially those tied into a contract, tend to be tethered into a particular network provider. This means that if you attempt to put a SIM card from another network into your phone, it will not work.

By unlocking a mobile phone you will be able you use the handset on any network and therefore in essence be able to shop around for the best deals on offer.

To unlock a mobile phone it is recommended that you visit an affiliated shop or outlet. In many instances, removing the lock on a phone will be against the terms of your contract and may make the warranty invalid.

To check if you can unlock your mobile phone, check the terms and conditions or contact your network provider.

  • Samsung Suede features
Featuring messaging and internet services, a three mega-pixel camera and Bluetooth compatibility, the Samsung Suede is a highly popular model of phone, particularly due to its innovative wireless 'Cricket' Muve music service.

Muve music (pronounced move), is similar to the free streaming site Spotify. It is best described as an unlimited music rental service, which works legally in conjunction with record labels and allows a user to stream music and listen to it via their phone.

However, you do not own the music and are unable to transfer songs to a computer or any other device. If you do not pay your monthly bill/contract, access to the service will be terminated.

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