How to be a meez vip for free?


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To become a VIP member at Meez, you need to pay up. Basically, these types of virtual world websites offer basic services to non-paying customers in order to entice them into sticking around. Once they're hooked on all of the cool little games and built-in social networking services, they're prime candidates for upgrading to paying member, or VIP, status. There are different levels of memberships for people who want to become VIP members at Meez - some memberships will cost just under ten dollars per month (for three months of fun VIP services), and they will include total benefits and every special service and feature that the Meez websites offers. However, people who are willing to pay more can sign up for six months or a year of services in one lump sum.

  • Choose your time frame

Meez administrators give upgrading members a range of choices they can select to customize their service time frame. In many cases, it's a better deal to buy for a longer period of time - then again, some people get sick of paying for VIP services (or using a virtual world website) before their VIP memberships run out, so it could be a waste of money to spend a lot of cash at one time.

  • Is paying worth it?

To make your investment pay off, carefully consider how much time you spend at Meez, and then think about how many people you know (whether you know them online or in the real world) hang out at the site. If it's a place you love to go, and you hate watching other people enjoy the features you are locked out of using, you're probably pretty safe signing up for VIP services.

Making your own pets in Petzmaker and doing other exclusive activities may make for a unique and fun-filled experience that is definitely worth the time you spend signing up, and the money you fork over for becoming a true VIP member of Meez.

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