How is a schema related to constructive processing?


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In order to explore the answer to this question, we must first understand the meaning behind both of these notions. A schema is a pattern of thought, or some type of thinking habit. 

Constructive processing relates to the minds ability to absorb and process information from external stimuli and either transmute this into knowledge or action taken.

The two concepts are strongly related. Since a schema refers to our general thinking habits, it is fair to say that every day, new external stimuli intervene with our existing notions and preconceptions and may cause us to adjust our thought processes. 

Past experiences are also part and parcel in our schemata. If we see something that we perceive as dangerous (e.g fire), or something we consider dangerous through personal phobias (e.g. Heights), constructive processing will absorb the information (how high is it? How far is it? Is it hot?) and our schemata will decide whether or not it is safe based on what we already know.

I hope this helps.

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