Could anyone give me an ourworld card pin number that Hasn't been used please?


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It is possible to play free at OurWorld as either a Guest or Tourist. Guests are individuals who do not save their avatars for future play.

To become a tourist, it is necessary to save the chosen avatar and then provide a unique username, an e-mail address for use as the log-in e-mail, a password and date of birth.

Anyone unable to think of a suitable password may wish try the free<a href=" "> random password generator 1.3.

This little gadget allows users to set perimeters for a password, such as whether to use capital or lower case letters, digits or a combination of two or more of these options, how many characters should be used, etc.

The Tourist membership remains free for life and allows users to earn coins, gems etc through interaction with games and other users for the purchase of items such as clothing, accessories, tattoos etc for the avatar within OurWorld.

Upgrades to Resident memberships, which allow users to access further options and features, have to be purchased for a relatively low price.

If the purchase is completed online, the user is notified and supplied with a PIN via e-mail. Alternatively, a game card, supplied with its corresponding PIN, may be purchased from various games-stores or online.

There are two ways of trying to get a free PIN. One, though highly unlikely to be successful, way is to get someone else to buy residency as a gift.

The other, cheating, way is to try's <a href=" UGC_Pin_Gen.exe.

This 0.02 MB file is executable and should be scanned for viruses before attempting a download.

Potential users should note that a short survey has to be completed before access to the download is granted. Using this cheat may result in a permanent ban from OurWorld if caught.

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