What are the promoters of the game Dragon's Call?


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There are a number of promoters in the game Dragons Call .
People who get friends to into the game will receive a promoter in the game and will get extras for this action. This is done by getting friends to join the game and quote your promotional URL in the game and o the site. You can get to this through the social application on the gaming screen.
The other method is to click to the 'copy to promote 'icon on the screen. This screen contains the promoters URL and the beneficiary can place that URL in the screen, giving the promoter him his benefit automatically.
The other way to give a promoter their dues is to do this on the new gamer screen. When you register on the new gamer screen on the Dragons Call website, make sure to fill in the promoter's nickname when you are creating a character, they will become the promoter's beneficiaries automatically.
Whether you choose one or the other of these methods, you are sure to receive a mail that clarifies that you have received these benefits from the game for your character.

Each beneficiary can only give their successor one reward and can only do so once. The reward varies and it all depends on the beneficiary's level and the successor is able to then decide on the reward they claim freely.
Also it should be noted that when the successor gets to level 50 and becomes a mentor, they can then invite the beneficiary to become his/her apprentice through the button behind the beneficiary's nickname.

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