What are the advantages and disadvantages of CCE system of CBSE?


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  • One of the upsides of the CCE system is that it aims to help reduce stress in students because they work alongside the students individually and guide them depending on their specific strengths and ability. In addition, they refrain from using negative language if a student can't complete a project or understand something. They also pride themselves on encouraging students to excel in areas that they are stronger in.
  • The CCE system also focuses on holistic education which aims to develop various aspects of a student's personality which ultimately helps them identify what they are better at and stronger at in terms of academics.
  • There is no pressure for students to become highly academic because they aim to encourage individuals to choose subjects based on their interests while retaining the importance of academia. They aim to make the students feel more relaxed so they improve on their academic ability without feeling under pressure.
  • A downside of the CCE system is the grading system. This is because the bracket is very wide, for example students that score between 90 and 100 will get an A* grade. You may see this as a positive scheme because it gives the chance for more students to receive a higher grade, however, a student that scores 8 more points than someone else but doesn't receive a better grade may seem unfair.
  • Despite the system aiming to lessen stress, the grading system may in fact cause more stress for the students. For example, a student may feel more pressure to get a higher grade because the grade margin is substantially larger than you would expect.
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In India, CCE applied to  students of sixth to tenth grades.

The main aim of CCE is to
evaluate every aspect of the child during their presence at the school.
This is believed to help reduce the pressure on the child during/before
examinations as the student will have to sit for multiple tests
throughout the year, of which no test or the syllabus covered will be
repeated at the end of the year, whatsoever.

The CCE method is claimed
to bring enormous changes from the traditional chalk and talk method of teaching, provided it is implemented accurately.

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i think CCE damges our ability to work harder

Improves our stress

I don't see good things about it  but I'm sure they're are. I cant see it

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Advantages of CCE:

1. It helps in reducing stress of the student.

2.It helps in improving students performance by identifying his  learning difficulties.

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One of the CCE system's advantage is that it aims to help reduce stress in student because they work alongside the student individually .It depend on their specific strengths and ability. They also pride them selves on encouraging student to excel in areas that they would are strong in.

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CCE enables a child to score through his talents. For example a child who can't learn by heart and puts up a poor performance in pen-paper test might score well in the arena of projects due to his innovative skills thereby giving him good grades.

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M Prashant  Krishnan
The CCE system involves many exams where rote learning is encouraged. In fact, in these exams, students are not allowed to write answers in their own words. The standard reduces to such an extent that it would make no difference whether a highly experienced and qualified professor evaluates the paper or an illiterate layman does it. And is it possible for an illiterate layman to correct a paper? It is if an answer key is available and if the evaluation should be exactly according to the answer key. I even read an instruction which said that teachers are not allowed to interpret answers on their own without using the answer key. Above all, the answer key based correction is used even for descriptive questions, when the same answer can be written in many ways.

Also, students hardly use innovative skills in projects. They copy lots of irrelevant information from various sources and waste a lot of time for a good grade.
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It is not necessary to follow the cce pattern as it it is based according to semister wise teaching. Most of the students forget what had been tought in the previous semister or the previous year which bears no use at all..

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