What Are Disadvantages Of CCE System?


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One of the main problems students have with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme is the system used for grading. This is due to some students judging the grade boundaries as unfair.

The reason for this is that some students who receive fewer marks could end up with the same final grade as someone who has considerably more marks than them. For example, if an A grade could be achieved by getting any marks between 90 and 100, those who achieved 100 marks will be grouped in the same bracket as those who achieved 90.

This problem could then create difficulty when trying to rank students by their academic achievements. So if 100 students are all achieving the same grades and pass percentages, there will come a point where it will be much more difficult to differentiate between them.

Another problem that students seem to find with the CCE system is that it claimed to reduce workload when it actually increased it. Students claim that on top of studying for examinations and teachers being able to mark assignments, excessive amounts of time are spent:

  • Conducting separate projects
  • Participating in external activities
  • Extra assignments
  • Work to complete at home
Some students have also complained that their participation in all of the extra activities and projects are compulsory, even if they want to be doing something else instead.

Of course, it is not a surprise that students may feel the workload they are faced with is extraneous or excessive, but it appears some complaints have officially been made to the CBSE.

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