What games are like wolf quest but with different animals like horses or something?


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If you like and enjoy playing the game Wolf Quest then other games that you can try that involve animal could be Horse Isle or Virtual Horse Ranch. Another simulation game that is a lot like Wolf Quest is 'Wolf' made by Sanctuary Woods. This game is now out of date but this means that you are able to download it legally off the Internet for free.

Another recommended game is Endless Stag, which is where you play as a stag (apparently with a human face though) and you are able to roam through an entire forest that has no boundaries. In this game, you will start off as a fawn and eventually grow into an adult over time. You are also encouraged to use deer gestures to communicate with other player, because there is no text in this game except when you press the pause button.

In the game Endless Stag, you are able to recognize each individual deer by the unique pictogram (mark on their forehead between the antlers) that every single deer will have. It is also possible for the player to cast spells on the other deer and change their fur, face and general appearance.

The game Endless Stag can be found at the website through the following link: http://tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest/.

Another recommended game that is apparently very similar to Wolf Quest is called Impressive Title, but in this game you play a lion. When you start the game you are able to design your own character and then go on to explore the world. Whilst exploring you can hunt, sit down, lie down, lie down on your back and even leap into the air. You can name your lion and also take with other people and their lions.

This game can be found on the Impressive Title website by clicking on the following link: http://impressivetitle.proboards.com/index.cgi.
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Horse Isle is good or Howrse!

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