Are There Any Educational Xbox Games ?


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There are very few educational games for the xbox but there are a couple out there.Brain Challenge is the xbox version of brain training. There are a number of puzzles and they are separated into four different categories which are: Logic, math, visual and focus. There are three different levels of difficulty for every puzzle and as you progress through the game it is possible to unlock other more complex puzzles. You begin with a brain test and then from there you are able to track your progress. Some of the games relate to telling the time and weight, equations and recreating a given shape.Maths 3D Sniper is as you may imagine a maths game which involves shooting, hence the word sniper. The game involves solving a number of maths problems and helps with learning tables whilst having fun. The player takes on the roll of the sniper and has to take out the spies who have the correct answer to the maths problem.If a shooting game is not appropriate there is always Math Aerobat. Here you fly your own Bi-plane. You solve the math problems by flying your plane into the clouds that have the right answer. Again, these problems include addition, subtraction and help with learning tables.If all else fails, the popular family board game Trivial Pursuit has been adapted for the Xbox with questions on geography, history, sports and leisure, literature, entertainment and science. Each question has multiple-choice answers and there are three different game modes
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I have been looking for some too for my 6 yr old...the only one I have come across is trivial pursuit...seems to have mixed reviews though...
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There are not a lot of typical educational game titles for xbox 360.But some of the games in that genre are Ace Combat: Fires Of Liberation,Medal Of Honor Airborne and Blazing Angels Secret Missions.
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Well I know 3 educational games. 1st is Brain challenge found on the xbox live arcade I always play this ...its actually helped me with my GCSE'S . 2nd is Maths 3D sniper which is basically you solving maths problems its a shooter/maths games very fun while learning lol. 3rd is like any flight/simulation games like tom Clancy hawx,heroes over europe this doesn't teach you about maths n that but you do get to know a lot of aircraft's and its capabilities which can help with History in school

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Yes there are educational games in xbox like 'personal trainer' which is on fitness but you could rarely find any educational game for you kid. However here is one link that might help:

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