Are There Any Good Puppy Breeding Games?


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There are a number of really fun puppy breeding games on the internet, the following are ones I suggest you check out:

  • Virtual Bark
  • Foo Pets
  • Furry Paws
Fun puppy breeding games If you're looking for a game where you can breed, look after, and love an adorable puppy- then the following are ones I've played before and can genuinely recommend:

Virtual Bark- Choose between 50 different dog breeds, and make decisions on what to feed your dog and what kind of collar he or she will wear. You are also able to interact and message friends that you make on the site.

Foo Pets- In this game, you adopt a pet (they have cute kittens too!). The game was created by a vet too, so game experience is very realistic!

Furry Paws- 200 dogs to choose from and it's completely free to play too!
You get to build a kennel from scratch, and need to work hard to make it the best in the world.
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Anonymous answered its the best because there's a guest thing to go on without making an account. It's so cool.

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