What is default code for sentry safe da3831?


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The default code for Sentry Safe Electronic Fire-Safe DA3831 should be provided by the manufacturer in the manual when you purchased the device. If not then you should be able to contact them to get this information.
It is worth checking the manual closely because there are different types of lock that the safe is manufactured with so it may depend on the exact model. The three different types of model available are:
  • Combo dial
  • Digital or
  • Advanced digital
You may need to press the program or enter button after entering the code and the light may or may not turn green.

The Sentry Safe is known for its various qualities, including:
  • Designed as a home or office solution to keep documents and other material secure and safe the DA3831 also protects for up to 2 hours in the event of a fire.
  • The safe is ETL verified for up to 1850°F to protect CDs, DVDs, USB drives and Memory sticks.
  • It is also water resistant with a multi-position shelf, tray, door compartment and key rack, offering organization as well as security.
  • It has been tested for drops of up to 30ft
  • It has an advanced LCD electronic lock system, featuring a back-lit keypad and a programmable PIN to control six live locking bolts.

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