How To Program My Toshiba CT-90159 Remote?


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Tim Cook answered

Whether you've lost the instructions for your Toshiba CT-90159 remote, or need some extra help with the remote's programming, there are lots of places online which can help. 

To start with, you can download a copy of the manual in PDF format at

You can also find a PDF of this remote's instructions and codes at, as well as at The manual is 68 pages long, so bear that in mind before you click on the 'print' option! offers a mail service if you'd prefer a hardcopy sent to your home, though they do charge a small fee for this service.

If you still need a hand operating the remote, you can look in on one of the home appliance online forums such as, which has a thread dedicated to the Toshiba CT-90159 remote.

Lastly, you can seek help from Toshiba themselves, via their product support or community forum, which you can access here.

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