Richard wants to modify his current network IDS solution to allow his sensor to stop unwanted activity, turning it into an IPS. Richard should replace his passive TAP with an ______________ to allow his sensor to terminate unwanted?


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Answering this question is quite a lengthy process. There are factors that need to be considered as to what the best option is.
Richard should replace this with an active TAP as you need a TAP so this is the only other option. The question talks about changing from IDS to IPS, although in most cases it would work better with the two running together but within different parts of the firewall. This will usually give the desired effect but there is a lengthy process in learning how to do this. Another factor to consider is the security of the network. Who’s network is it? Is it a personal network? Companies (especially larger ones) financial institutions and holders of personal data (whether large or small companies) have specific specifications for their security systems.
My advice would be to use one of four methods to find the definitive answer for a specific situation. These are; your local library, a tutor, course books that you have on this specific question, a college tutor that specialises in this subject and is familiar in networking or probably the most likely to have a definitive answer will be an IT networking technician.
Your library can help in locating the books for this as it will require extensive reading and looking into different options is always a great way to learn, especially if this is something that you will deal with a lot as there are multiple options with different networks.
Both an IT networking technician or a college tutor will be able to give you an answer and will also be able to explain to you what the differences are between networks and how this method can be implemented in a network, not just on paper.
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Richard should replace his passive TAP with an "active" TAP to allow his sensor to terminate unwanted activity.
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This seems to be a question from a course, and unless there is someone on Blurtit with the exact technical knowledge you need, it isn't very likely that you will get an answer to your question here as the answer is probably very specific and based on course material. It would probably be better to ask your course supervisor or refer to the teaching materials to get your answer.

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