The Phone Code Is 0206,which Country?


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  • The 0206 Dialing Code
According to the international dialing conventions, this number isn't representative of any country. It fits in with some internal numbers in some countries, for example, the West Mercia area in the Greater London region in England, although since the early 1990s this changed to 01206.

Although 0206 is also a port code in Canada, it doesn't match with any international code.

In the United States, area code 206 corresponds to the US State of Seattle, the islands of Bainbridge, Mercer, and Vashon, as well as areas of the Seattle Metro area, including Des Moines to Woodway.

  • A Nuisance Caller?
Several numbers have been known to be used either by scammers or pranksters. One example of this is the number: 513-322-0206. Calls from this number sometimes start with music, but beyond asking for your phone number, there is no other contact or voice content.

This sounds like a phone phishing scam and there is a strong possibility that your number will be used for fraudulent purposes. They are renowned for calling every five minutes.

  • The International dialing codes and their uses
Codes were originally introduced in the 1960s for the use of operators rather than general callers. Operators were the norm at this time, so using one was nothing out of the ordinary. International dialing codes were initially introduced to Europe since it had a relatively modern telephone system.

All codes were originally only two digits long. Only when the world telephone coverage expanded across the globe in the mid sixties did three digit codes arise. This was purely because of the sheer number of new countries in places such as Africa modernizing to a degree that allowed the construction of telephone networks.

The world was divided up into roughly continental zones, for example the United States and North America was known as zone 1 and Europe was zone 2.

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