How To Get Boys To Be Your Boyfriend On Ourworld?


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selena neon answered
First dress you cutely, go shopping.

Make sure your dream guy doesn't have a girl friend.

Go to your dream guy and just say "Hey" or "Whats up?"
If he doesn't respond he's either AFK (Away from keyboard) or not interested so don't push so hard interest him by talking.

Talk about him and hint that you like him if he says one word answers he might not be interested.

Soon if he doesn't ask you out then you can ask him out, it doesn't make a huge difference but usually you have to wait a few days before he will ask you out.

Good luck!
Gabriela D'Elia Profile
Gabriela D'Elia answered
First you find a boy who you think is really cute and then say hi or hey then you say I think your cute then he will say thx then you will say do you think I'm cute then he will answer if he says yes then ask him out you can either say do you want to be my bf or do you want to go out with me
hope it works bye!
Maria Not Telling Profile
You shouldn't be looking for love on the internet go out and find someone near you can actually have a real relationship with.

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