How To Kiss On Our World?


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There are almost as many ways as kiss someone as there are people on this planet. You can go for it all, go conservative, or be traditional. If you're with someone you love you should simply go all-out.

There are several types of kisses that you should be aware of as an adult. Have you ever noticed how celebrities kiss each other on the cheek when they meet on the set of a talk show or other event? This is the star-crossed peck on the cheek. It's an official greeting if you're rich and famous and run into someone else who is also rich and famous.

But if you are a guy going on a date, a peck on the cheek or one of those dry kisses you get on the front porch of her house as you drop off your date is the last thing in the world you want. You want to get a base hit, knock a single into the field and give yourself a chance to hit a home run every time, otherwise, why would you even go on a date?

Yes, we're talking French Kiss here. Lots of tongue, lots of saliva, the kiss that lets you know she is definitely into you. The kind of kiss that can go on for hours and lead to better things for you very shortly down the road. To get to this point in a date, it may cost you a rather expensive dinner, perhaps a few drinks to loosen the both of you up, and a bit of smooth talking.

The kind of kiss you plant on someone depends on the time, the place, and who you are with. Whatever the occasion just enjoy yourself and have fun above all else and go with what you know best and the rest will fall into place.

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