What Is The Best Combination On Babydow For Going To Sleep?


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  • How to Ensure your Babydow Baby Sleeps
If you need to help your baby sleep then you should access the tab labeled 'rest' and then click on the option that says 'lie down'. Then you can select the option that will put your baby to sleep. You should keep in mind that your baby may wake up so it is important that you keep checking in on them; however you can always skip onto the next day by clicking on the slippers.

  • Special Passes
You can earn passes during the game which can be used to purchase certain items for your virtual baby. There are a number of ways in which you can obtain these passes.

  • You can purchase these passes by paying for them with a debit or credit card. In order to do this you should access the tab which reads 'my profile' and then click on the 'my passes' option. You will be able to purchase these passes after you fill in the relevant information requested as well as payment information.
  • There is a way that you can obtain a free pass by logging into your account ten days after you have signed up. In the message box which is displayed at the top of the page you will see that there is a free pass that you can use.
  • Once your virtual baby turns 3, they will have to go to school. At this point you can take part in a quiz about your baby, and if you get enough correct answers you will be awarded with a couple of passes.

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