What Is The Colour Combination For Straight-through Cable?


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Straight-through Ethernet cables are colour coordinated to help network administrators modify the cables in the most efficient and safe way possible. Starting from pin one, the cables are coloured white with a green stripe; green; white with an orange stripe; blue; white with a blue stripe; orange; white with a brown stripe and the eighth pin: Brown. An image of these cables, along with a diagram of cross-over cables, can be found here
Straight-through Ethernet cables are designed to join up with cross-over cables to make the connection as simple as possible. While most Ethernet cables that you buy from the shops have a specific end to them (T568B), T568A ends are supposed to be used for new network installations. Generally though, it does not matter which type you use in a given situation. Straight-through cables are commonly used as patch cords for Ethernet connections, they cannot be used to connect two Ethernet devices directly together without a hub or to connect two hubs together, for this you will need a crossover cable. Once you have the colour combinations and the right equipment, it is possible to build an Ethernet cable from scratch. Following the steps that are given in the same link mentioned previously, it is possible to arrange the wires and press into a plug to create a straight-through Ethernet cable you can then go on to use for your desired purpose.

While anyone can carry out an Ethernet cable modification, it is important to make sure that any work you carry out fits to TIA specifications. You must also be aware that any modification you do can cause a temporary loss of network connection, so try to do the work when it will have the least affect on its users.
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The color combination for a straight through cable reading from left to right is: Orange-White, Orange, Blue-White, Blue, Green-White, Green, Brown-White, Brown. To make a cross-over cable, swap the Blue-White, Blue combination with the Green-White, Green combination on one end of the cable.

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