Why Do We Need To Study C++ Programming?


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Chirag Rao answered
C++ is basically a language which we use to give commands to a computer, and as we can't teach the computer our languages,, we need to study the  languages it understands... And c++ is one of the language it can understand...
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Florio Potter answered
C++ is generally more performant than dynamically typed languages because the code is type-checked before it is executed. Java is gaining ground in terms of speed, but in the end, depending on how talented the C++ developer is, C++ can still be faster than Java. For more information get help at CodeAvail-
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Wade Arnold answered
Because it follows all the oops concept and it is the base of all languages like java and .net
which both are purely oops concept follows thats why we study c++ so if we study c++ then it becomes easy for us to do the work on project.

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