What Is The History Of Computer?


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In February 1941, Zuse complete "V3" (later called Z3), is the first operation of counting machine can write programs.
In 1943, Tommy, 6 December, with his team first "Colossus", it is a logical components for 2,400 vacuum, 5 tape reading circle (hint), each can work at 5000 characters.
In 1943, by John Brainered leadership, ENIAC began to study. And John Mauchly and j. Presper Eckert is responsible for the implementation of the plan.
1946v first electronic digital integral calculator (ENIAC) in the United States is built.
In 1947, the calculator association (ACM) is founded.
In 1947, the British finished first storage tube O 1948 bell telephone company developed into a semiconductor.
In 1949, the UK is built "electronic calculators delay storage (EDSAC)."
In 1950, "automatic" first used in automobile industry.
In 1951, the Massachusetts institute of technology made cores
In 1952, the first "stored procedures" born a calculator.
In 1952, the first large-scale computer system IBM701 announced that is built.
In 1952, the first sign language interpreter invented successful.
In 1954, the first semiconductor computer by bell telephone company successfully developed.
In 1954, the first generic data processor IBM650 was born.
In 1955, the use of large computer IBM705 cores is completed.
In 1956, IBM launched 704 computer science.
In 1957, FORTRAN programming language.
In 1959, the first small scientific calculator IBM620 successfully developed.
In 1960, data processing system IBM1401 successfully developed.
In 1961, the COBOL programming language.
In 1961, the first by the Massachusetts institute of technology's computer system design.
In 1963, the BASIC language.
In 1964, the third generation of computers IBM360 series.
In 1965, the digital equipment corporation launched the first minicomputers PDP - 8.
In 1969, IBM has developed successfully listed card machines and systems of 90-3 computer system.
In 1970, IBM computer system made 137 series.
In 1971, Illinois university design completed Erie gram IV giant computer.
In 1971, the first 4004 microprocessor by Intel company successfully developed.
In 1972, microprocessor substrate started mass production sales.
In 1973, the first piece of floppy successfully developed by IBM.
In 1975, ATARI - 880 microcomputer.
In 1977, bobby comeaux Doyle company announced the combination of microcomputer PET - 2001.
1977-80 microcomputer was born, TRS.
In 1977, apple, ltb-ii microcomputer was born.
In 1978, vlsi began to application.
In 1978, magnetic bubble memory for a second commercial computer.
In 1979, sharp company announced the first handheld microcomputer is made.
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A Computer is a device which can manipulate and process a set of data according to given instructions. The history of computers is spread over a number of years. In fact its history dates back to the days of Abacus which is considered as the first counting machine.

The history of computers can be divided into two parts. One relates the history of automated calculations and the other relates to programmability. Abacus is one of the earliest calculating devices. In 1206 Al-Jazari invented a castle clock which was an astronomical clock which is often termed as the earliest programmable analog computer.

Wilhelm Schickard came up with a mechanical calculator in 1623. Joseph Marie used punched paper cards as loom patterns in 1801. Which is considered as an important step in development of computers.

Charles Babbage came up with the first recognizable computer that has elements of automatic calculation as well as programming. It was called the Analytical Engine.

This paved the way for more advancements in this field. And during the era of 1940's marked more powerful and flexible computing devices. And till now there has been tremendous improvements in this field. For details on history of computers, see this link

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A Brief History of the Computer. The history of computers starts out about 2000 years ago in Babylonia (Mesopotamia), at the birth of the abacus, a wooden rack holding two horizontal wires with beads strung on them. Blaise Pascal is usually credited for building the first digital computer in 1642. If you want to know in detail our experts will explain you at CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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