How To Become A 'Winx Club' Fairy?


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Winx Club is an Italian animated series and product line that is popular all over the world. The Winx club fairies are a group of magical creatures who feature in the series.

To become one of the fairies you'll need to do a couple of things:

  • Decide which fairy you are
  • Dress like your Winx fairy
  • Learn to dance like a Winx Club fairy
How to become a Winx Club fairy
Becoming a Winx Club fairy is no easy feat - it requires dedication and your mom or dad's credit card (only used with their permission, of course).

The first step is to decide which fairy you associate with the most. If you're undecided, there are plenty of on-line quizzes like this one at that will help you work out which fairy you are.

The second step to becoming a Winx fairy is to dress like one.

You can either create your own unique outfit based on the clothes the different fairies wear on the show, or you can choose to buy one from websites like

Finally, you'll need to learn all the Winx fairy dance moves to become a proper fairy. I'd recommend getting some practice by copying some of the routines seen in the video below:

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Go to facebook. Make a group named " Winx Club Fairies "  Congrats you have officially become a  winx club fairy . Now you need to recruit some more fairies. You have a long journey ahead . Good luck.

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Are you serious? Winx club isn't real! As much as I wish it was, it just isn't!
So don't even think of becoming a Winx!!
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You can't.
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You can't be a Winx fairy, because fairies don't exist. You can pretend to be a fairy though.
I hope my answer was helpful!

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