Does Anyone Know Of A FREE Voip To Call Vietnam?


5 Answers

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doris bynes answered
If there are free VOIP calls right now I guess it is most likely just with in free trial period from providers..I  know a very cost effective service visit Hope this could help. You can use also use skype.
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Alvin Altair answered
If you want free service of VoIP then you may want to tell your friend, relatives or family to use Skype. With Skype-to-Skype call you get instant and free VoIP for business or home calls.
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cellis hiegel answered
Proprietary protocol such as Skype is free for PC to PC call. While calls to land line or cell phone is made with a fee.
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Anonymous answered
I have searched a lot about free calls. I could not find any other than gtalk. Even with gtalk as we all know, we can't dial any number. My conclusion is to call a number, you have to pay. There is no other way out.

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