Does Anyone Know Of A Truly FREE People Search Website, Where You Do Not Have To Pay A Fee To Find Out Someone's Email Address?


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Try this. Go to and purchase a one day membership for £4:99 but you must pay with paypal. Search away all you want then at the end file a claim back with paypal stating the site was no good. You get your money back every time. Pass it on.
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I can't find any site where you can get a good result finding lost friends without paying pots of cash and still get a result. They always ask for the address. If one knows the address then you could find them yourself . I just don't get it?
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Yes you are right that the websites charge for providing services. However here is a link from where you can find simple steps to look for the desired email addresses. Hope it helps:
find email addresses
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Thanks, honey, they gave me five free lookup sites, but I was unable to locate an email address for my friend anyway... Looks like I gonna have to pay my Intelius account a few bucks to do it for me anyway! lol
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Hi Dude,

There are some free people search engines through which
you can search for people, their age, phone number, email id, contact address and
background check for free. Follow the link below.

Free People Search


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