Is There Really Free People Search?


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I use LinkedIn or Facebook to search for people.

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Hello... :)
I would like to share something with you, Can you tell what are different things which get for free, may be nothing at-least you have to few bucks for the particular things. There are many resource are available where you can do people search. Hopefully you get it what exactly I am trying to say, just search on Google you will find many more though you can take the help for people search.

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Not really.You have to pay for the services.
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Raquel answered
To a degree,yes, sites that give around about /exact present age,possible almost matching & giving limited result,known/present possible address states for free but to find out exactly where to reach them or addtl/all records for them it requires a bunch of unecssaries besides a very few open 1 time fee for all records criminal,marriage,etc. However unless you r strictly inquiring for legal reasons & even then I have cheaper ways to get those gov records for a much smaller fee from the source itself,In other words unless you have the && to splurge I have tons of very(I Hope???!)
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I have one more to add to the free people search list, its fast, free and effective. MY records came back accurate and I was quite surprised to see just how much information I had gotten for free.

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