How To Install 'Windows Live Messenger Plus' When I Already Have 'Windows Live Messenger'?


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I have a Dell computer and it has regular updates and features you can add.  When you pull the menu up you choose "windows live Messenger plus"  You just click to run it.  Sometimes there is an additional cost that has to be charged to a credit card.  Then you just run it. On a different computer you might try to 'Google" windows live messenger plus.  Then click on one of the links.  From that menu you click on download.  It may ask you if you have  windowa live messenger.  If not just click on download.  Your computer will figure out what it has and what it needs to add.
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Well, I don't know the steps specifically, but here's a link for you to use so you can go and download the extension to your WLM. :] Just click on the 'download' image and follow the steps it gives you. It should work just fine. I hope this helps!


[If the link doesn't work, here's the URL in normal format: ]
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You should just be able to upgrade it when you go onto your msn,it should have a toolbar saying up grade

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