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The password cannot be displayed here. You may want to try a couple of different things. You may want to give up on as it is more of a browsing website so that they can get points and money. Many individuals who have tried over the last several years to find the password are told the password will appear in the fifth word of a message after you install the my fun card banner. These individuals are always redirected to another site called socialtrack and there is no password to appear. To me it sounds more like a scam for rather than a true option to get a password to login.
You can also try to resend for the password directly from the log in page at, but you may find you are unable to obtain the password this way. Many have still found that they are unable to get the message with the password and just keep going in circles after they download the information the site tells them to access.
Others have suggested using such methods as RAR.EXE or a zip file. Depending on the pc game file you may be able to use a "password unlocker” but this is generally not acceptable as a method and many sites consider it to be illegal. Therefore, you should use caution if you are considering such a thing. It is far better to find a site that is easier to log in to if they are indeed going to share any password. On the site when you try to download you should be prompted with the ability to obtain the password. You may want to keep trying until you find the right password in the fifth word or try a different site to access some pc games.
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Lol, there is no password to open the zip file.  All they do is scam you into visiting their site and make money from you clicking advertisement links.  You can tell it is a scam because all the download files have the same name, even if it is for different games.  Also, they have links for games that are not released yet, which is impossible.
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Right on man. I know, but I have tried all these scams and they are all fake. That is true. There is all these videos that say you can download free games and crap, but for real, it's all scams. Nothing is free on the internet. Even if it is, there comes a price/ consequences.
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The website is total crap, it would have been cool if it worked but they are pricks, so no
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He/She was right though...I tried to find the password which is the fifth word of the message which you will be recieving after clicking on the verification link but there's none even in any other languages...
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May Be You Should Give This Website a shot

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