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Ultimately, it all boils down to opinion. This is a pornographic website that deals primarily with lesbian sex. Many people would suggest that it's a 'bad' site simply because it's porn, and the primary reason people say it's bad is because they believe that pornography is wrong and it's degrading.

  • About the site
The webmaster of the website is a man called Bailey, and he sometimes acts as the photographer. He states on the website that he likes seeing pretty girls kissing and having sex with one another. He talks about his passion for seeing them performing together on camera, which is why he enjoys running the website and offering the videos out to the public.

The website currently has 1109 models on the website, and every single model is over 18. This is of course the law and all pornographic websites are required to have models of at least the age of 18.

If you join the website you'll gain instant access to more than 202,000 images. All images are high quality and related to lesbian pornography. Out of all these images, more than 137,000 are completely exclusive to the website.

All the images found within the member's area will be in a thumbnail gallery so that you can browse any time you like. If you want to download the photos then you're able to do that, too. Simply save the images onto your computer for whenever you next want to look at them. You can also download the whole series of photos thanks to the option of being able to download the zip file of them all.

The website is updated 7 times a week meaning there is fresh content every day for you to enjoy. If you don't see it as a 'bad' website then you can sign up and enjoy what it has to offer, nobody has to know.

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