How Can I Sigh Up With Getting The We're Sorry! Based On The Information Provided, You Are Ineligible To Register For Meez.thing?


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If you are getting this annoying error message every single time you try to sign up at, something's definitely wrong with your application. For example, your email address may be invalid (are you typing it in correctly?) or you may not be the right age, etc. You may also need to tick a little box that says you approve of all of the rules and regulations associated with being a member.

  • Double-check your application

Sometimes, if users don't tick these boxes when they try to sign up, their applications will be rejected and they'll need to start over. If you've done all this double-checking to no avail, it's time to contact customer support for this virtual world website. Just visit and hit the Contact Us web page - when you click on the link, you should get an email form that you can fill out. Simply explain the problem you are having and then wait for a response. Unless there really is a problem with your email address, as it relates to Meez's website, you should hear back about your problem within 24 to 48 hours.

  • More tips

Reading's Meez's rules for members can be an excellent way to isolate some other problems that might affect the success of your application; for example, if the site is for a certain age and up, you may be too young to join. If none of the rules at Meez's website fit your situation, your IP may be blocked for some reason. If you have been blocked (maybe you were a member of Meez under a different email address in the past?), you'll need to discuss that issue with customer service. Hopefully, any bad news from the Meez support team can quickly be resolved.

Meez is a fun place to hang out once you're registered and ready to go, so be sure to send their team an email to see what's causing the problem with your registration.

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