How I Can Maintain The Stock Register On Excel Sheet By Date Wise & For Next Day?


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  • Filter the data
  • Sort the data
Filtering information in an Excel sheet will allow you to find values quickly. Filtering allows you to regulate what you want to see and what you want to omit. Filtering can be performed using Excel's inbuilt list or you can craft particular filters to center on precisely the data that you need.

The Search Box in the filter interface permits you to search for text and numbers. To find this function, head to the Data tab then in the "Sort &" Filter group, click "Filter". There should be an arrow in the header that on clicking displays a list in which you can make filter choices.

Use the Search Box to enter the dates you require (Excel accepts text or numbers depending on what you have used). If you need to filter data by specifying conditions then you need to create custom filters to narrow down the data. To do this:
  1. In the list, point to either Number Filters or Text Filters. A filtering menu should appear.
  2. Indicate a condition and then choose or input criteria. If required, click the "And" button to pool criteria or select the "Or" button if you want only one of the manifold conditions to be met.
  3. Click "OK" to engage the filter and receive your desired outcomes.

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