What Is The Program Execution Process Of A C Program?


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Every C program begins with these statements:

#include < stdio. H >

int main()

The #include is necessary at the beginning of every program because it includes the Standard Input/ Output library in your program so that any input and output functions within the program can be performed.

The next statement is the main function “int main()”which indicates that the main body of the code is starting. When the execution of a program starts it starts from the line following the main function. The body of the code is enclosed in { } brackets and the code within these brackets is executed next and the execution continues according to the code in your program and performs any input, output or other functions.

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Executing a program in involves a series of steps:
1) Creating the program
2) Compiling the program
3) Linking the program with functions that are needed from the library
4) Executing the program

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