What Is Meant Process? Can You Write Its Attributes?


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An operating system executes a variety of programs depending on the system. In batch system, a program is called job. In time-shared system, it might be called a user program or task- Normally, the terms job and process are used almost interchangeably.
A more precise definition of the term process is that "A process is a program in execution or in running state". A process has a starting and ending place. It must execute and progress sequentially. At most one instruction may be performed on behalf of the process at any given time. A process is controlled and scheduled by operating system.

Process Attributes (Properties):
A process has the following major attributes:
• A program counter is used to keep path of the address of the next instruction to be executed.
• A stack is used to store temporary data for the process
• A data section is used that may contain global variables
A program is a passive entity. It specifies the logic of data manipulation and I/O action. A program does not perform the actions itself. It has to be executed to realize the action. A process is an active entity. It performs the actions specified in the program.

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