What Are The Answers To Chapter 4 On Computers Are Your Future?


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If you have a look at this site you will be given directions on how to answer the questions that can found in chapter four in 'Computers Are Your Future': This is an interactive site so it makes it much pleasurable to navigate than simply just reading a text.

• The latest edition of 'Computers Are Your Future'
The 12th edition of this book was published this year and is available from The recommended retail price is $120, but it is currently offered for sale by a private seller for $44.99 for a new copy; and $42.50 for a used copy. Naturally there are shipping costs to be added to this price.

• What is it about
'Computers Are Your Future' has been written with the idea of giving students more of an idea of what a computer actually is and how it works.

This most recent edition has been revised because it is accepted that the majority of students have some idea of how to use a computer so it is not going over old ground. Instead it matches what you know and develops your knowledge so that your knowledge can be kept current in this ever changing field.

• Key features of the book
This is a valuable reference tool with lots of screen shots and images so that understanding is easier through visual aids.

Each chapter contains essential study aids such as Internet exercises so that each student can understand key concepts. There are practical topics and there are also suggestions on how to stay green in the world of Information Technology.

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