Why Did Steve Jobs Call His Company Apple?


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annie rose Profile
annie rose answered
A few reasons maybe an Apple is the symbol of knowlage, the forbidden fruit and did the company start in NYC (the big apple)
Rae Williams Profile
Rae Williams answered
Maybe its beacuse he was just sitting their in his basement eating an apple when the idea hot him. So he named his company apple.
Niamh Allan Profile
Niamh Allan answered
I read all the answer. Some answer are really interesting. I watch show on Steve Jobs on discovery channel after his death. But now I am thinking that why they haven't talk about this topic. I think they should.
lawrence guilalas Profile
I think when he was eating an apple, he got a best innovation in technology that's why he called his company Apple.
Martin Paluchowski Profile
Steve Jobs is dead RIP!
Amanda Wells Profile
Amanda Wells answered
There are lots of theories about this, but Steve Jobs has never officially confirmed or denied any of them. One is that he worked in an orchard when he was younger so the name just occurred to him. Another is that he was smoking some dope with friends and it smelled of apple peel. No doubt he will admit the real reason one day.

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