Who Is Steve Jobs?


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Steve Jobs headed the Apple Corporation from 1974 - 1985, and again from 1996 - 2011. He is considered to be one of the finest technology 'whizz kids' the world has ever seen. Steve Jobs has converted many products that would otherwise be looked at as a machine into a work of art. Consumers all over the world are willing to pay a premium for products manufactured by Apple Computers.

It is an understatement to say that Jobs had an interesting relationship with Apple Computers. He was one of the founders of the company, but was later asked to leave the company after a power struggle in 1985. He went on to start other ventures which were commercially not as successful, although he was heavily involved with Walt Disney and especially Pixar Animation Studios in the early days of its inception.

He was reinstated by Apple in 1996 when it fell into troubled waters. Jobs has been credited as the inspiration for the development of the iPod. The iPod has single handedly been able to create a synergy between the music industry and the technology world, revolutionizing the way in which people consume music planet-wide.

On October 5th 2011, Apple announced that Steve Jobs had died at the age of 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

The following video is a speech made by Jobs at Stanford University, USA in 2005. It summarizes beautifully the passion and philosophy behind one of the "greatest American innovators".

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Steve Jobs was the Apple guy. Really important guy.
He and his friends created Apple computers iin his garage.
And stuff.
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He created Apple Macintosh products.

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He was simply a legend. Steve Jobs a GREAT man
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You know, I was a microsoft person, but his death still makes me really sad... RIP Steve Jobs! :(

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