What Are Some Communication Technologies That Barnes And Nobles, Amazon And Borders Use?


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Online supplies such as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and Borders use a range of marketing communication technologies to connect people, promote ideas and promote services and goods. The most successful way to do this is via integrated marketing communication. This means that a company’s message will be transmitted and recognized across a multitude of channels and media. All contact points that a consumer interacts with, whether it’s in print in a magazine or online on YouTube, must be consistent and relevant.

Integrated marketing communication technologies allow companies to target their consumer and provide them with a message that is relevant for them. For example, if the government laws about a product vary in different countries, websites such as Amazon (that distribute products world wide) must make sure that the correct audience receives the correct message. Amazon is one of the most successful users of integrated communication technologies. When a user signs in to Amazon they are greeted with a personalized homepage that is collaborated using their previous purchase history. Users have the option to review products they have bought and add products to a wish-list. Users can even communicate with each other within the site via forums and by commenting on reviews.

Websites such as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and Borders use emails and newsletters as another way to communicate with their users. Sending out information about new products that fit with a user’s previous purchase history is a way to make consumers feel like they are being addressed and communicated to individually. Using communication technologies allows a company to direct products and ideas directly at their customers and get their brand and identity known across a number of markets and audiences. Modern technology, particularly the internet, has made communication technologies far more diverse and allows companies to communicate with their customers all over the world.

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