What's The Flow Code For Ourworld?


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"The flow code or password for Ourworld is said to be:
Test-mode 42

Most gamers have indicated that this code does work; however, some players seem to manage to get more flows a day than others.

For lots more Ourworld codes, hints and tips you can check a lot of the gaming blogs and online forums. There are even some Ourworld specific forums that are sure to be of interest to you. Simply head to and type in Ourworld forums to find a long list of available forums. You are best to choose one that has a lot of members and seems to always be updated; this way you will get any answers to your questions quickly.

Another useful site for gaming tips is actually YouTube. Many gamers are now uploading videos to YouTube that helps explain cheats, gives gaming tips and shows them actually how they do it. Just head to YouTube and type in Ourworld cheats or Ourworld tips.

When playing any online games you should make you have strong anti-virus protection software installed. Identity fraud and hacking seems to be on the rise and so if you sign in to anything personal online then it is a must.
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You mean the flow cheat? Well it is:
Test-mode 42

send them as seperate txt bubbles...  O yea and make sure you spell cryptobiologist right! It hard to spell but I've been using the cheat for about a month and I already get 100 flow a day.. And I only have a 5% flow boost.. Not nearly the same for everyone else as far as iknow
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Eat-work-talk-dance-games-and say test-mode 42                                             and that is it you got flows
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Just go to your condo for the safety of it

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