How Does Nike's Web Site Help The Company Strengthen Its Relationships With Its Stakeholders?


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One of the aspects of the Nike website that makes it engaging to stakeholders is its international appeal. The website is available in 14 different languages and dozens of regions. This allows the website to appeal to stakeholders of diverse languages and nationalities. Many companies make the mistake of marketing to the stakeholders in their country, or only to stakeholders who speak their language.

The Nike website has a link at the bottom called "about Nike/jobs." The link directs you to a page with a link called "investors" on the side panel. This links users to a page with last year's annual report. Annual reports are crucial in establishing a relationship with stakeholders. This is because stakeholders are interested in how much revenue the company is making in order to make a wise investment decision. The Nike website also offers transcripts of their executive meetings. You can even watch a webcast of a meeting on the Nike website. The current stock value and the most recent change in value is published on the investor's linked page.

The Nike website provides contact information for potential investors at this link: Click on "investor relations." There is a link to shareholder services that offer email alerts, FAQs, and financial information for investors. There is also a link on the side for stock information. It includes the stock's history with the history of price, the quote, an investment calculator, and an investment chart. These tools were created to help an investor or potential investor to make an educated decision about whether or not Nike is a good investment for them.

Nike is definitely a company that makes an effort to appeal to stakeholders in their company. Stakeholders are often the most important supporter of a company and are responsible for the company's success.
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