What Web Sites Do You Normally Frequent? Are These Web Sites Credible? When Is Credibility More Important, And When Is It Less Important? Support Your Answers With Specific Examples.


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Suhail Ajmal answered
I mostly visit GMAIL, YAHOO,HOTMAIL and BLURTIT. I know these websites are credible as they have history of loyalty.

The credibility is always important as you know, you are safe when using the service and you are safe when you are doing transactions online. You will not be cheated as no other has been in the past. These websites have disclaimer policies and I know they don't avert from their words.

Like I am here on blurtit and I know what they are offering and what is important to me on this site. They are not bluffing or cheating me. They are, what they say.

Having said that, there are hundred of thousands of website on the internet which you are not sure if they are spam. You are always uncertain dealing with them and exposing your secure information.

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