What Is A Lpso Code That Has Not Been Used Yet?


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There are no Lpso codes that have not been used yet; these codes are widely available, and many people have experimented with all of them since the release of Littlest Pet Shop Online. However, these codes aren't available to everyone; they must be accessed through premium membership at the Lpso website. These numeric codes are used to gain access to fun extras, such as pet toys, for interactive animals:

  • Some codes unlock new clothing or accessories for pets; other codes buy food or "kibble" for pretend pets.
  • In order to use codes and access these supplemental game features, you must become a premium member at the official Lpso website. No other websites will have legal, safe access to Lpso codes.
  • You should note that the official Lpso website will be closing in December of 2011; apparently, the game's manufacturer is moving on and concentrating on the development of other online video games.
  • Tips For Using Codes
Typically, Lpso codes will never contain the letter "I" or the following numbers: 1 and 0. If you've got a code and you want to try it during game play, make sure you enter it correctly by typing the letter S, rather than number 5 (or vice versa); this typo is quite common, and it may keep your game code from activating properly. As well, be certain you type the letter B, rather than 8, and vice versa.

Every Lpso code should have a total of 16 digits: If your code in shorter or longer than that, it may not be authentic. By knowing how Lpso codes work, you'll lessen the risk of wasting your time entering fake codes that won't actually get you any new toys, food or kibble for your online pets.

Since all of these codes have already been used, you won't be able to find any undiscovered codes that no one has ever tried; however, you can still have lots of fun playing the game on the Internet.
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