Does Written Communication Meaning Change When It Is The Form Of An Email Or A Letter Or A Memo? Why Or Why Not?


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Written communication doesn't change in meaning even if it is written in the form of an email, letter, or memo as long as the content is the same. Written communication only changes in meaning once the content is altered.

An email, letter or memo can have the same content but written differently. Here's how:

  • Emails

Emails are written communications which are sent electronically through the internet. You can set up an email account using your own username and password.

Emails are the fastest way to send and receive letters, memos, and other forms of written communication from people across the globe. You can receive thousands of mails and still have enough space for more. Not only that but you can prioritize your mails, save, or delete them. The sad part is there are times when you get spam mails which may contain harmful virus. Just keep your account safe by deleting your spam messages regularly.

  • Letters

Letters are normally sent through the post office while others are given personally. Letters can be formal or informal. Formal ones include application letters, letters of regret, invitations, and many more. Informal letters are those you normally give to friends or relatives.

  • Memos

Memorandum letters are formal in nature. They are usually issued to employees by their employers. For instance, a boss who wants to inform his or her workers to minimize absences will do so by issuing a memorandum.

When it comes to written communication, what's important is you express your ideas clearly and straight to the point. You should ensure that you write in a clear language free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

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