How Do You Get Foo Dollars On Foopets Without Paying Real Money?


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I don't know either but my mom will not use her credit card so if anyone will pay real money or at least do the cheat I have can you please get me some foodollars here is my dogs link (or if you want to feed her and pet her that is fine) please do not hack or do anything like buy stuff (unless it is like food or medicine) or anything to hurt my dog go there and here is the cheat... Go to "shop" on the account then look for the foodollar sign hold your mouse down on the foodollar sign (holding down click without letting go) for 10 min. Then you should get 500 foodollars  (I did this to my friend a long time ago so I am not sure if it will still work) please do this I need help I have 4 other dogs and it is hard to keep them in good shape if you could just  help me one of my accounts got hacked somehow and I need all my dogs on one account so that it is less likely for them to be hacked and that is the account I need my dogs on (just enough FD for 4 dogs at 20 FD which would be about 80 FD ) thank you so much I feel terrible of asking you so much but I need help! I don't want to be greedy though so it's fine if you don't help me... Please reply

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