On Sims 3, How Do You Make Enemies Friends?


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I just had the same problem. If you leave them alone for about a week or so it wears off and they should become old enemies. If you get the never dull lifetime reward, once youre old enemies just keep using the chat interaction until you are able to propose a truce then go on from there!
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Mine are enemies to because I decided to cheat on someone else, as her lifetime wish is to be a heartbreaker and its well annoying :/
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Um well you can. I Did this on sims 2 deluxe. I Was trying to become a vampire  (not working well) with another vampire. He started getting angry, soon we were 100% enemies but I invited him over and we got along now we are 100& buddies and he still wont bite me! Grrr
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Wow this dudes an idiot shes talking about a video game.
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Never be friends with an enemy..but Karma is a bitch..so I always say kill'em with kindness, but let them know that you know through body languages and always keep your guard up...and don't wish them wrong, just ask God to bless the and move on, no fear.....

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