How Do You Make A Vampire On Sims 3?


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Fiona Janka answered
You go to the skin color, coose the blue one, and pull it to the lightest shade, set the body shape however you want. Name it something that sounds uncommon, oldfashioned, or traditionally european. Then, on the face, make it however you want, but on the eyes go to custom color and make them red. Do the hair black, dark brown or dark reddish. Also, give them red lipstick and a bit of eyeliner. Make the clothes semi-formal, in dark colors with few patterns, use boots for shoes. On personality, make them mean spirited, snob, genius, flirty, and loner. Their favorites should be as follows: Color:black, food:sushi (it has blood), music:classical.repeat as nessecary. Once your through creating, and you have a house, make sure to go to options and turn aging off, then your done! Have fun, and sims forever!

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